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Since 2014, El Paso Vacuum Truck has been providing the Sun City with professional hydro excavation and other site clean up services. Our dependable crew is highly-trained in vacuum truck operation and excavation. We are a professionally trained, licensed, and experienced company that handles our own equipment and has entire crews dedicated to difficult excavation jobs.

All About Our Industrial Services 

  • Potholing: Before installing utilities, potholing—a construction method that includes vacuum excavation—is necessary to ensure visual confirmation that there are no obstructions or other lines on the path.
  • Trenching: The digging of narrow trenches in the earth is necessary for certain construction projects. We are here to provide crucial earthwork to prepare your site.
  • Hole excavation: Digging into different types of soil is a tough job, as it requires special equipment to break through tough surfaces like soil, clay, caliche, and sand-rock mix. Our crew and equipment will get it taken care of.
  • Remote excavation: This construction method allows for deep and complex excavation using heavy-duty equipment.
  • Water cleanup: Cleaning up a job site or construction site is just as important for safety, aesthetics, and the continuation of the project.
  • Utility locating: Underground utilities can sometimes be difficult to find. Using specialized equipment will help you locate these lines and ensure that no damage is done and you can dig with confidence.
  • Manhole cleanup: Ensuring that our sewer lines are clean is an important part of a lot of city work and maintenance. Our specialized vacuum trucks will ensure effective and efficient cleanup.
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Water Cleanup

We Have Eight Trucks Ready to Work For You

Unlike most other local companies, we own our own fleet and equipment. These are top-of-the-line machines that provide unmatched water pressure and efficiency in hydro excavation. Our company owns a total of eight working trucks, which means we can tackle any job at any time. All of our trucks are regularly maintained, serviced, and inspected for safety. We have teams that specialize in handling and operating this equipment with the utmost efficiency and skill.

24/7 Services Available, We Can be On-Site Within a Day

Construction can be an unpredictable industry. Surprises tend to emerge out of nowhere. This is why we choose to be there for our clients 24/7. If an emergency arises with your equipment or if you need immediate assistance, we can be there within one day. Call us right away.

We Clean Up After Ourselves — Licensed, Trained, and Thorough

We never cut corners. We finish the job through and through. Whenever you see us at a job site, you’ll know that we’ll leave the site pristine and spotless. It’s as if we weren’t even there! We pride ourselves in leaving all of our work sites clean, safe, hazard-free, and beautiful. Our top priorities always include quality, perfection, and safety. All of our crews have extensive hands-on training and all complete OSHA training, operator training, and confined space training.

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Our vacuum truck crew is ready to serve you. If you need any of the above services for your construction site or work site, give us a call today.