The Incredible Power of Hydro Excavation: Why It Is Essential For Your Construction Site 

The most efficient way to dig through hard soil and tough terrain is good old plain water. Aside from being one of the most necessary and interesting molecules on the planet—necessary for all human and animal life—water can also be used as a powerful tool for heavy-duty jobs. 

As professionals in hydro excavation, we know that water plus very high pressures equal a very powerful formula. Whether it is digging holes or cleaning up industrial sites, the many uses of pressurized water and power vacuums are part of what we do every day. 

Perhaps you’ve heard the term or seen one of these heavy-duty vacuum trucks of ours in or around a construction site in your city. Here’s why these vehicles are essential for modern construction.  

Three Amazing Facts About Hydro Excavation 

Hydro excavation is efficient

There is nothing like working efficiently on a construction site. Resources and time are usually limited and everyone wants to move forward with the project. This is why so many who need construction site preparation and excavation choose the power of the vacuum truck to help them get the job done. Water shoots out incredibly fast and with so much power that it can break up even the toughest soils almost immediately. 

Hydro excavation is incredibly precise

The power of pressure, water, and suction provides unbeatable digging. These are the three elements that make hydro excavation the next level of digging. With the combination of high-pressure water and suction, we open holes in the earth. The holding truck sucks out all the slurry and mud, as the digging is done in the site area. This method and trucks showcase incredible precision in their excavation sites. This is especially vital when digging in treacherous terrain or lands that may contain utility lines. We ensure that the work is done with precision and care. 

Hydro excavation is not destructive

No one likes a mess at a construction site. In fact, a mess is a liability. It comes with its fair share of problems, so the best way to dig holes in the earth is to keep the site as tidy as possible. With this precise method of digging, there is little to no damage done to the surrounding area, so utility lines and other foundation work can be dug in easily. 

Why Construction Sites Love Hydro Excavation 

All of the above mentioned contribute to the fact that hydro excavation is the preferred method for digging in tough terrain and hard soil. It not only breaks up the soil effectively but it creates less damage. All of this translates to fewer safety concerns and risks for workers and laborers in the area. And if there is one thing that is critical in construction is the consistent maintenance of safety and safety protocols on any site. 

How Does Hydro Excavation Save Your Project Money?

Any construction site is always worried about safety, timelines, and costs. Getting a project done on time and under budget is every contractor’s goal. That is, of course, without sacrificing quality, safety, and efficacy. Our fleet of professional vacuum trucks understands the importance of working efficiently and effectively. With vacuum trucks, there is generally a small and less-involved labor force than would be the case in traditional excavation methods. 

How is Hydro Excavation Environmentally Friendly?

One of the less-talked-about aspects of construction sites is their preoccupation and government regulations that demand the protection and care of wildlife and other natural resources surrounding and around any construction site. Because of its less destructive nature, this method doesn’t cause damage to the surrounding land, nor does it disturb the area. Its precision allows it to target only the site needed for digging. It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or anything like that. 

What are HydroVacs Used For? 

Any construction site or utility site can use a hydro-vac for a variety of tasks and sectors of the construction industry including trench digging, utility locating, daylighting, coring, and potholing. Vacuum trucks can also be used for assisting in plumbing and electrical installation. Utility locating is a job that requires the utmost attention to detail and precision.

Ready to See the Difference with the Power and Precision of EP Vacuum Trucks?

Whether you are digging trenches or locating utility lines, our experienced team will go out to the site and get the job done. Hydro Excavation is a cost-effective method for digging in the earth without major damage. 

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