Five Common Hazards in Hole Excavation and FAQs  

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Hole excavation is most commonly used in various fields of construction and civil engineering. Through thorough excavation, buildings and infrastructures can be made amongst solid foundations, reservoirs, and roads. Excavation calls for many different processes and unique tools. Although, with such difficult and demanding labor, there are many hazards to be aware of. Additionally, many construction companies may also have some questions regarding the process and how it works. EP Vacuum Truck is composed of the professionals you need to not only get the job done but to answer all your concerns and curiosities. Allow us to discuss them. 

The Hazards 


Trench collapses can cause extreme damages, they can even go as far as causing deaths on-site. In order to prevent these incidents, policy requires professionals and qualified construction workers to analyze the soil compositions and then design a system that works with slopes and shields for the support of the excavation project. Hiring a professional that does preventative work during excavations is crucial for everyone’s safety. Additionally, you may want a professional to make these considerations as weather and climate can also affect the risk or possibility of a cave-in. 

Falls and Loads

Some excavation areas may be rather deep and cause workers and even work equipment to fall into these pits and become harmed. In order to prevent these accidents as well, it is best for workers and professionals to install a barrier or a fencing that surrounds the perimeter of the excavation site to mark the fall hazard. Other falling loads such as job site equipment or large increments of excavated dirt can also fall into an excavated area and crush anybody who may be working in this area. Lastly, policy requires that workers have equipment stored at least two feet away from the edge of an excavation. 

Dangerous Atmospheres

At certain times and in certain atmospheres, trenched and excavated areas can sometimes have depleted oxygen levels, which is a safety hazard that must be taken into extreme consideration when these projects are launched. The atmospheres in these pits and in trenched areas can also be contaminated by toxic gases and chemicals, especially from job site materials. For these reasons, policies require atmospheric testing to be done regularly. If these atmospheric hazards and harmful air conditions are present, then workers must wear the appropriate respiratory protection and gear depending on the hazard itself. 

Heavy Mobile Equipment

In almost all construction settings, accidents involving construction vehicles can pose major threats. Dump trucks and loaders are the common vehicular hazards one may come into contact with in trenching sites. Those who operate these vehicles may not always have the best views, therefore, they might be unable to detect when they are approaching equipment, workers, or the edge of the excavation site. Safety policies suggest that spotters or flaggers help operators to direct the equipment as they are being loaded or unloaded to prevent the vehicle from falling into the site. 

Coming into Contact with Utility Lines

Not only does hitting utility lines pose the risk of paying fines or lawsuits, but this can also cause electrocution and gas leaks, which can lead to worker fatalities. Companies are required to contact the local utility companies before they proceed with digging and excavating. The company can mark their lines so that not only the crew is kept safe but they can also prevent the possibility of being fined. Safety products and job site equipment is provided to construction workers prior to projects to avoid these accidents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone perform an excavation?

As with any other large-scale construction project, excavation should be left to the professionals. Excavation companies have the materials and knowledge necessary to plan the project precisely and to complete the job on time and in a safe manner. They can also excavate the site without damaging the surrounding land. 

How can I find a reputable excavation company?

When looking for a suitable company, you will want to find experts that can handle and take on many projects. That way they can help you with many stages of your project. You will also want to find a company that has several years of experience and that is local to your region. 

What should I consider before hiring excavation services?

You can ask the construction and excavation contractor about the type of projects their company has completed before and check if their services match your every construction needs. You can also ask for an estimate and timeline regarding work completion. 

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